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  Gurinder Dhillon  5 star
Excellent institute....they stick with their refund policy... I got 100% refund after an injury and had to leave. Sad can't continue with the best institute.

Shilpa Ahuja  5 star
I had a great experience with French Ace. I did the beginner A1 level, and I had started studying a bit on my own before I joined, but it was nice to go to regular classes because it helped me get a course of study and gain confidence. French is an interesting yet at times difficult language to learn. My teachers at French Ace were very encouraging and helpful, and helped us practice as much as possible. They are very accessible, and I felt comfortable asking many questions to clear my doubts. They used lots of different techniques to help us learn like games, printed handouts, tests, videos and audios. I hope I can continue learning French, and I thank FrenchAce for the wonderful experience.

Sherry Singh  5 star
It was my wish to learn foreign language, i wanted to learn Spanish before i started here at FrenchAce but it was language french which i had to learn for my future prospective. i came to know about FrenchAce through internet (google). i compared the french institute alliance 36 sector and frenchace's fee. frenchace charge less, so i choose it. It was hard to wake up early and set a routine, then after few days...i started to like the language. i fell in love with french. the politeness of the language. the institute in panchkula gives a idea of french environment. i have the pleasure of learning from uditi madame. she is very good teacher and always believes in her students. always helped us improving. exercise and examples she gives is a way that we would remember meaning of each word and improve our vocabulary. she always emphasized on our speaking and writing skills. my classmates are very nice. we interacted slowly but we have progressed a lot verbally and i really want to recommend my friends and family who wants to learn french language to join here without a second thought. though i never got a chance to meet Rashmi madame, but i have heard so many good things from uditi mam about her. it will be a wonderful moment when i will get a chance to see her. i am going to complete my A1 course this week and will come back for more... thanks a lot FrenchAce (thumb's up)

Ishita Dahuja  5 star
Had an amazing experience, it was fun to study french, loved d bean bag culture, the class was interactive. Rashmi di you are more like a friend, Je t'aime madam, Bises:)

Jatin Garg  5 star
My experience at FrenchAce is simply amazing and the faculty here is by far the friendliest one. The class sizes are small and instructor seems to really care about our learning. Uditi ma'am is the best instructor you'll ever meet. She made class very much enjoyable while testing us in each and every way.There are only 5-6 people in a class, so one rarely get that "embarrassed in front of everyone" feeling, and can actually focus on doing good work. I really am starting to be able to have small conversations COMPLETELY in French and it is a good feeling. I would strongly recommend FrenchAce if one wishes to learn french language. Don't just take my word for it, go ahead and see for yourself as they have 100% refund policy.

Shivani Sharma  5 star
Not only learning...I am loving French at French ace!!!!
Apoorva Sood Narang  5 star
I had just completed my A1 from FA. The teaching method of the profs is very nice. They make sure that each and every student is thorough with concepts. Be it reading, be it writing, be speaking or be it listening. each and every domain of French is nicely covered. All in all an extremely satisfactory experience. All aces for French Ace! :)

Navrit Heer  5 star
its vry nice experience to learn french in frenchace as well as with uditi mam.

Armaan Kohli  5 star
Good atmosphere....enjoying my time learning French!!!!
Sharndeep Singh  5 star
Excellent place to learn french... It was a unforgettable experience. Love this place..

Sushant Vohra  5 star
Bean Bag Culture and the Professor... Very Lively Environment...
Deepti Vaidya  5 star
The teaching style is very effective. Course contents are well structured. Environment is indeed lively & interactive. A great place to learn French !!!

Shivani Kaushal  5 star
Awesome learning :)

Pallavi Gandhi  5 star
French class was amazing! And the tambola made it all the more fun :D Good experience!

Pulkit Bansal  5 star
It's a very nice place to.learn frech, rather #1 french school in tricity. I would recommend anyone to join frech ace if interested in learning french. Uditi mam is really nice. Merci beaucoup madame.

Vishal Chawla  5 star
FRENCH ACE... the only name comes in my mind when i think of French. i joined FrenchAce 2 months ago now i am able to speak French. Very Friendly environment, ultimate Teachers. i joined FrechAce for only A1 course but now i m going to start A2 . you would like to study here. you cant find mentors like Uditi and Hamir anywhere.i suggest if you wanna do French, French Ace is d Best.

Mantasha Kumar  5 star
French Ace is the best french learning institute in chandigarh..i have joined this institue two months back for A1 level and now i'm planning to do my A2 level from here only..I suggest everyone who want to learn good french should join this institute only..Merci beaucoup :)

Bhavnish Thakur  5 star
French Ace is Amazing place to learn French .Had a great Experience while learning French . Truely Professional and Quality Education is provided here

Vishesh Dhundia  5 star
The teachers are very friendly helping and nice the center is nice too, i joined here because they gave me the option to attend initial 4 classes fore free and later i also had the option to leave with remaining fees refund if i was not getting quality education. i found it to be a win-win deal and no doubt they maintain the quality. And yes Learning French here is fun.. Cheers..!

Kushagra Mittal  5 star
I wanted to learn french as I needed it for higher education purpose and I will thank FA for their valuable consultation - they told me not to learn now and learn a 6 months to a year I have to travel to France as I will forget the language by then and the other option was to join with friends and keep convercing with friends till I travel. They also gave me the option to join now and later attend language speaking sessions which were free. However, they also told me that students rarely get time for this and asked me to deciede. on the other hand the other institutes told me to enroll and pay till B1 or B2 in a lumesum amount and start but I liked the honest approch of FA. Thanks FA for the genuine guidance.

Vishu Joshi  5 star
BONJOUR!!!!!!! FRENCH ACE a great place to learn French. Its always a great experience to learn a new language. As a student am quite happy the way i learned FRENCH from my accomplished professor. The teaching techniques are good. Loved the homely environment and if anyone interested in learning french, then this is the PERFECT PLACE. Here learning is FUN.

Sushant Thakur  5 star
The best coaching centre for French in the city. Mam is really helpful and friendly. You don`t feel as if you are learning a new language because mam makes it feel so easy. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn French.

Siddhart Gosain  5 star
The only class where learning is so much fun, all thanks to mam's jovial and amiable nature.I started conversing in French from the following week itself:)

Kanwardeep Singh  5 star
FrenchAce is an awesome place to learn French. I feel very happy to have chosen this place to begin my journey of learning French. Overall environment, methodologies and learning experience are superb! If learning French is on your mind, this is the place to be! All Aces... :)

Sona Jain  5 star
Bonjour! I joined French Ace in April, and I have no doubts when I say they are the best that I’ve come across so far to learn French language and their culture. The environment here is professional and amicable at the same time. The professors work really hard with individual batches to make sure that each and every student gets proper attention. I personally, have come far in learning the French language, albeit my brief association with French Ace. If somebody is willing to work hard on their French language skills, French Ace makes it really easy for them to excel. 10/10 would recommend. Bonne chance!

Pradyuman Kharwal  5 star
Great place for learning French. Rashmi Mam is very helpful and interactive. Very lively environment...I never felt that I am in a classroom...learning French is fun at French Ace.

Karanvir Singh  5 star
Bonjour..It was great to learn french from a very calm and composed teacher. Ms Rashmi Vohra is more of a friend then a teacher. She creates a very happy and friendly atmosphere in the class. I had a great time learning french from her. :)

Gagan Brar  5 star
French Ace totally deserves what and where they are!! Truely professional and quality education is provided.. Forget about any other XYZ institute, French Ace is the only institute which can give competition to Alliance Francaise... Great job!!! N Kudos to Mrs. Rashmi Vohra.

Gagan Bhatti  5 star
Had great fun. Enjoyed each class. Learning French with fun activities, laughing while sitting on a bean bag, clearing doubts, same humble replies from Rashmi Madame for the same doubts that i asked in each class. :D Thank you so much Madame. The best part was "Ainsi danse jean petit" :) I just loved it.

Madhur Ahuja  5 star
Forward thinking management which thinks beyond the realms of traditional language teaching.

Uditi Juneja  5 star
Madame Vohra has been a great teacher and a friend to me since the time i got associated with her... she has excellent teaching skills and the best part of the whole learning procedure with her is the kind of atmosphere she creates.. the ambiance is enthusiastic which enhances the willingness to learn more.. speak better.. It's undoubtedly a great place to learn French..Its fun and different!!!

Guneet Ahluwalia  5 star

Neha Ahuja  5 star
Great institute with a lively environment.

Jai Prakash  5 star
Attended the class...It was an awesome learning with loads of fun at the FrenchAce..Great place to learn French n lot more!!!!

Meera Vohra  5 star
Very Educative and was nice to learn a new language from a good teacher, The concept of French Club and conversation classes even after the regular classes is the best part. Ruchi, - Thanks for the extra effort and Classes. God Bless You !

Indu Malhotra  5 star
Never thought learning French could be such fun ! I have had already learnt French from another institute, however it was a wonderful experience learning French again here at FrenchAce, the fundamentals are made strong with much more stress on language learning rather than just the minimum requirement of clearing the DELF certification... and yes monthly wine sessions keep the French in me alive.

Abhishek Goel  5 star
You will love this place, flexible timings for folks in corporate sector like me as in Infosys, very good ongoing experince !

Rahul Malhotra  5 star
great palce to learn French

Sandeep | Neeti | Preety | Pooja| Rahul | Darshan | Yuktika | Abhinav | Anil | Anvit | Puneet | Gurleen  5 star

Pratishtha Datta  4 star

Isha Grover  3 star
FrenchAce Dear Isha, Please do let us know where did we lose the 2 stars... We know you are not our student, however if you did not get a proper response on call or customer service please do write at FrenchAce Quality Team.